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Назив: Speaker Trevi XF 1200 KB TROLLEY w/ Bluetooth 100W
Шифра: 983
Бренд: .
Гаранција: 12 месеци
Залиха: Zaliha

Цена: 6,990 Ден

Додади во Кошничка

- Player integrated MP3 files
- Direct input for USB / Micro SD flash memory
- AUX IN stereo input
- Microphone input
- 12 V input for connection to an auxiliary battery
- TWS function to wirelessly connect (wirelessly) a second XF 1200 KB
- AUX-oUT multi-link output with other XFEST
- LED Display Red
- Controls treble, bass + 3 pre EQ
- Controls Eco and volume of the microphone
- system 2-way bass reflex-powered
- Speaker 12 "+ 1 tweeter high performance
- Function Bluetooth: allows you to listen to music wirelessly from any Bluetooth® devices (smartphone, tablet, pC)
- Disco Light multicolor LED (BLUE, RED, GREEN)
- Transport facilitated with Trolley system extendable handle and double side handles
- Full control remote control
- Karaoke Function
- Dynamic microphone with cable supplied
- Ready for installation and mounting on pole supports to 40mm
- total power 100W max
- Triple Power supply: 230V ~ 50Hz Network
- internal rechargeable battery 12V 2.6A 12V input for connection to an external auxiliary battery
- Dimensions: 382 (L) x 350 (D) x 605 (H) mm
- Weight: 12,7Kg